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I ordered my new 208 Allure 1.6 e-HDI in early December with just about every extra you could get. It had to be a factory order and I was quoted "12 weeks" delivery. But that's okay, I am in the habit of replacing my cars in Spring, so a March-ish delivery was fine for me.

Out of the blue I was suddenly told that I would be getting my car this week, and the salesman was quite keen to have me collect it in January, so that he would earn his bonus in January.

This was a bit tiresome of him to put his interests before me, but it isn't the first time that a car salesman has tried to direct a purchase around his own finances ! However more irksome was that I was not allowed to choose my registration plate and he had just given me one from the list - and a horrible one too.

Anyway I scheduled a day off work for January 31st so that he could earn his January bonus !!! But the lack of communication on Wednesday pointed to the car not being ready for Thursday, so I worked Thursday instead. That evening, I got a phone call, "your car will be ready on Saturday". Doesn't really make any difference to me, just slightly bemused that his bonus plan failed.

So today (Friday) I am planning my weekend around the arrival of my 4th Pug until I get a phone call from the Sales Director. My car has arrived but with THE WRONG ENGINE. It has a 1.4 instead of the 1.6 e-HDI. Whoops.

So it is start again with the order. I am being relaxed about it because I still have my 207 SW HDI 90 with only 22k on the clock, and as I said before I tend to change cars in the Spring. Should get a "13" plate this time.

Anyone tell a similar story ?
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