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I just joined this club, so "hello" to everyone.

I describe myself as a 'Would-be' owner because the 'passing of the keys' ceremony that should have taken place on February 2nd wont now happen since the car I ordered was delivered as a different car! (See topic "Wrong Engine").

C'est la vie.

I've still got my 10-plate 207 SW HDI 90 with only 22k, so I am not exactly suffering.

The 208 will follow my 207 SW, which came after a 207 HDI 90, and before that a lovely 206 1.4 HDI. I have tried other cars out, and my order did not automatically go for a French Lion, but it does seem to have beaten the competitors 4 times now!

My big interest is in classic cars, and I was delighted to see the lovely car attached. It's a 104 ZR in daily use in Malta (we took a short break to Malta in mid January). I don't think there are any 104s left in the UK, or if there are then they are hiding from my camera. My family owned a 104 950 4-door in about 1973 for a couple of years.

Enjoy. Always happy to see classic Peugeots, or indeed any classic cars

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