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It's not one of the daft ones that has you take the wheel off and do it from underneath is it? Having had a look around apparently the 308 is quite difficult too, these are the instructions for that (from 308 website); Might help?

The photo is of the offside headlight where there's enough room to get a camera behind: having studied the photo, it's easy to see what to do. The nearside headlight is the same.

1. Push one of the two clips inwards towards the bulb.

2. Once it is pushed far enough in to clear the lip on the mounting, push it sideways, away from the bulb.

Repeat for the other clip. The whole spring clip unit is now released and the bulb can be removed.

In my photo, I've drawn a diagram of the bracket (red) with a cross section through the spring in blue - it shows how you push the spring down then outwards.

When refitting, it might be an idea to wear a glove because there is so little room that you will almost certainly touch the glass of the bulb inadvertantly. The locating lug on the bulb goes at the top: the 12-o-clock position.

To refit the clips, push each one inwards and then sideways over the lip.

Remember to reconnect the two-pin socket onto the bulb
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