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Hi all

had my 208 around three years now. Got tyres replaced at ATS Euromaster and within a mile Tyre Pressure light went on

I don’t have the button on the right of the steering wheel but I do have reset on SMEG

HOWEVER it doesn’t do anything and doesnt reset

so went to Peugeot and after an hour they said they don’t have a clue and it’s probably a module failure will be quiet a few hundred pounds

REALLY?? I mean REALLY? car only just out of warranty period (about 8months) and I can’t believe a simple switching / resetting Tyre Pressure light in dash can be that hard??

anyone else experienced this?
Any ideas - other than spending hundreds on a module??

many advise would be appreciated thanks

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There is an option to reset the TPMS on the settings screen. Set the pressure to the correct value (check the o/s front door pillar for the levels - all depends on the normal load you carry) then select the option to reset the TPMS.

Should knock out the annoying warning light.

Images below - not sure if this is the SMEG screen, as this is the original screen on the car:

Then go to;

This then gives the following screen:

Press yes to reset the TPMS. I didn't, because I haven't checked my tyre pressures.

Hope this helps ?


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