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2016 208 GTI Prestige - Ice silver
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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone will be able to give me some advice or give their experience on dealing with rust on 208's. I bought my '16 reg GTI in February of this year and upon the initial inspection I found some rust on the tailgate, rear of the boot release. Now initially I thought I would be able to get this repaired under Peugeot's anti-corrosion warranty, as the car is fairly young and I would not expect to get rust in that area in the first place.

After taking to my local Peugeot dealership they informed that they cannot repair the rust due to the fact that the car never did its 4 year corrosion inspection. Now I went back to the dealership and tried to appeal the decision based on the grounds that:

1.The car is fairly young
2.The area is fairly concealed and out of the way of stone chips and salt spray.
3.The above two points would suggest that it is either a design issue (water collects under the tailgate) or a manufacturing issue with the paint

Peugeot came back still saying they can't repair the rust, but did offer a 25% reduction in price for the repair, which is going to be £518.09 + vat.

So here I am, should I keep pushing Peugeot to try to get a bigger discount? Take the offer from Peugeot? Or go to a body shop and see what they can do?

Any advice or experience would be much appreciated!


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I know that others have had this issue. Try the forum search to see what you find mate.
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