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Hi All,

Sorry, about to ask a question that I know will have already been asked 1000 times, but been searching and can't get my head around it.

My son has a 2012 1.4hdi Allure (with 215,000 miles on it!) He wants a newer car, but, as he's young he can't get the finance, so is thinking of improving his a bit, but also doesn't want to spend loads as we guess with that mileage it's days are probably numbered!

First on his list is adding carplay, From what I can gather and need confirming is this is only available on the Smeg+iv2 units, He currently has navigation, do the +iv2 units also have built in navigation or only navigation via carplay? or is there 2 versions, with and without?

Does carplay work on all iv2 units or is it something that may need activating at a dealer?

I know a new unit will need coding to the car to work, I think I may know somebody who can do that so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I believe the iv2 units also have DAB, is it simple to replace his current aerial with a FM / DAB one, if the iv2 has built in nav is there a DAB / FM / GPS aerial that would replace his GPS / FM one?

I was thinking of trying to source a iv2 unit from a breakers, but it'd be unlikely to be able to be powered up before fitting to see if it has Carplay & Navigation.

Thanks for any help from anyone!
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