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Hi, I need help with this problem:confused::

Using the system paired with the Bluetooth of any smart-phone, everything works fine when I use bluetooth with music + calls.

But when I use the sat nav while I am transmitting bluetooth music from the smartphone, minutes later in the middle of the navigation guided by the nav system, a beep is heard, the music coming out of the smartphone is repeated in a loop for a few seconds until the screen turns off , and the whole system restarts again with the Peugeot logo. At the end of the boot it asks me if I want to continue with the route guided by the sat nav system. Choose to do it or not, the system takes about 5 minutes to correctly indicate the geographic location again.

My car is a 208 Activ BHDi 75 (2015) that came with SMEG 5.41.B.R4 software CD-26415 from 05.04.16
(I bought the new car from an official seller withe the sat nav and it also has radar and camera alerts to avoid fines).

And then I updated to 5.43.A.R2 CD-26482 from 19.09.17
(downloaded from

This problem was previously present with the old factory version, but it got worse with the update.

I made this update because of a problem that has not been solved either: every so often, despite the fact that the smartphone's bluetooth is correctly paired, the music is not heard in the car's multimedia system, although it is in the smartphone application playing and time running. This problem does not occur between the smartphone and speakers or other bluetooth devices.

I have also noticed that if I disable the voice prompts from the sat nav, the reboots take longer to occur, but they continue to occur.

I always use bluetooth music, and sat nav very frequently, and this problem always exists. It's really a hassle.

I have consulted with an official Peugeot workshop and they do not give me a solution, they did a equipment calibration after the SMEG update (it was not done immediately), the sound quality improved but the problem of random reboots persists. They tell me that they are forbidden to downgrade to the previous version, and that the only solution is to remove the system and send it to the parent company Peugeot, where they then send it to a single center in Europe for review and repair. That there is no other way.

Is there a way to avoid all this?
Is the update reliable and is it the same as the one used in the official workshop?
Could you go back to the previous version?

Thanks for your attention.:)
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