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Was informed this morning by my Peugeot dealership of another recall issued on 21/3/14 to check the positive battery cable and protection as well as possible incorrect routing of cable.

Contact your dealership's service department and quote campaign code 'ZQQ' to check if your vehicle is affected.

(The other recall is for coolant temperature sensor check/replace - campaign code 'ZPW')

Hope this is of help!

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Thanks for this. Booked my car in for it's first service today and it needs both of these recall things doing. Wouldn't have known if not seen it here so I asked about them. Apparently the other one was already carried out by the dealership before we bought the car (it's an ex-demonstrator). Thought that Peugeot would have contacted me about the recalls, but not heard anything

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pompe said:
Mine 208 GTI goin in for first service, got the same information about the battery cable today.

3 Recalls

Temperature sensor
Positive battery cable...
Coolant hoses (don't know what this includes, know more 2/4/14 )
Okay, got my Car back from the dealer.
Temperature sensor, fixed.
Positive battery cables, checked and refitted.
Coolant hose clamps checked.
Coolant water checked, freeze point
point -41 Celsius

filters, well all of them.
I think that was it.

And some checkpoints on the chassis

What I wanted to be checked:
Software on Smeg, 3.17 AR3. Nothing new yet. But my Smeg works great. Well almost, don't like the delay on bluetooth stream, 2second. Not okay.

Rear brakepads, not much left on the inside ones. Strange wear, peugeot doesn't want to change them either. But that's fine, gonna put on some better racepads later on.

Price 370$
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