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Hi ... The real light of my peugeot stopped working first the left one, a couple of weeks later the right one went as well, the break light and yellow/orange turn light is working as well.
I took it to the technician and i've been told that i need to replace both light modules, as the LED's was burned of. I took my my car back, and i used my dremel to open the casing, i checked the LED's and they are working fine.
I used the multimeter and i am getting no power through the cable for the The tail light, When checking the breaks it shows 12v.
When using towbar, the red rear light is NOT working as well ! ... the brake and turn light woks just fine.
no problem with front light.
I tried to check the fuses, but i cannot finde a specific fuse for the red tail light ... please any suggestion on what could be wrong ? Thanks
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