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Hi guys,

I have purchased a Peugeot 208 Active 1.4HDI 2014 model (my first Peugeot).

It was missing a front passenger side indicator bulb and I have only seen one place that sells it (link below) as the dealer told me they don't sell the bulb on its own, and I would have to purchase the whole headlight from them for £300!

I bought the new bulb (link below) and it doesn't work in the passenger headlight, I have tried in it the driver side and it works fine. I have checked the faulty headlight with an electric tester and doesn't seem to have any connection in the indicator bulb holder section.

But what's baffling me is that the rest of the headlight works! i.e, dipped beams etc etc. How can one section of the headlight not work but the rest of it can? This has eliminated the thought of it being a faulty fuse.

Please can anyone advise as to what I need to do?

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