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I found this from the standard Peugeot forum. Not my info but hopefully may help you...

The code means one of the following:
1.Faulty intermittent camshaft position sensors also crankshaft sensor .
2. Your valve timing could be out by one tooth but this will cause cylinders 1 and 3 compression to be lower than 2 and 4 for example ( leaky valves - the engine would be lumpy right across the rev range - idle to 6000rpm )and Mini quote this code as angular cam lobe incorrect. Your cars exhaust would smell of very rich gasoline fumes on idle and you would fail an emissions test as the injectors or told to inject more and the exhaust valves would be opening wider and before their time or later
Both the above problems would cause your car to run rich and have a lumpy idle
If it were to be be Faulty ignition coils , injectors and seals or unseated valves, your car would misfire from idle until 6000 rpm
So first check your valve timing before replacing camshaft sensors etc
A blocked catalytic converter would cause an rotten egg fume smell and hardly any pressure exiting the exhaust tail pipe and the o2 sensor no2 would not read much values . This can also cause cylinder 3 to misfire when the engine is hot as the smothered pressure between the catalytic converter and the manifold connecting to the head / exhaust outlet ,would cause a back pressure or blow back and cylinder number 3 is the closest hole to find back as per the design of the manifold
Limp mode explained- this is when your computer has detected 16x of the same sector faults and the ecu would go into protection or limp mode , the ecu would cut off the spark to .. ...yes... Cylinder number 3 . Pull spark plug number 3 out just after the car has gone into limp mode and you would find that it would be fouled with gasoline . Error code P1339 combustion misfire because the car went into limp mode . Very contradictory but it is because there is a permanent misfire in your engine.
These motors are known to jump a tooth in the vanos sprocket or the timing chains get stretched but there would be a rattling noise emanating from the left hand side of your engine bay, if your PSA engine sounds like a swarm of bees when running, your valve timing is out.
Remember , Peugeot electronics label cylinder 1 at the gearbox end / side, so when aligning your valve sequence and timing please keep this in mind as Bmw and Mini are at the Cam pulley side so a Peugeot valve locking alignment tool Must be used and not any other brand as their number 1 is opposite to Peugeots timing.
Also on these models , common problems with o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 if it stays in .450 volts and comes up with an 02 error , it is a faulty connection on the 4 wire black plug especially on the orange wires' side going into the plug and not from the o2 sensors side.
Another common problem on the PSA engines are that the injector seals can fail and leak air causing blow back and permanent cylinder misfire or the rubber intake manifold gasket has deteriorated , both symptoms would be a permanent misfire that would be noticeable right across the rev range.
Make sure that your radiator fan kicks in often too, this can be configured by Peugeot or Diagbox / PP2000 software only
When replacing sensor parts , they must also be configured.
I hope that the above theories would help everyone worldwide who has encountered this problem with their Peugeots which Peugeot dealers could not explain themselves as they do not have time to explain .

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Thanks all that been checked , new timing belt definitely set correctly , new spark plugs coils camsensors , still permanently misfire on cylinder 3
When taking out spark plug is soaked in fuel.
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