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I'm trying to get to the bottom of a strange, random, loss of power when pulling away. The car is a 2015 208 GTI Prestige.
It's like the throttle just refuses to open when pulling away, slipping the clutch slightly.
I have to plant the throttle and just wait for it to kick in, then we're off like a rocket.

I've had the inlet off and cleaned the inlet valves, which has unlocked a fair amount of power up in the revs and have also tested the MAF sensor and both boost pressure sensors (one on mani, one on top pipe) and they are fine.
Fuel pressure is spot on so no fear of the HPFP being the culprit.

The only codes I've found are P0610 and P160A.

I'm a mechanic by trade but these have me completely baffled as I've never come across them before.

Anyone have any knowledge of these codes? Has it been remapped by a previous owner possibly? The software version in the ECU being FFFF seems to point at a bad software version or it's had one of those man with a van maps installed.



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I'd say the best place to start is to try and contact the previous owner and ask if any work has been done and go from there. From what you have checked and replaced, its seems weird that it still persists. It is possible to be related to the pedal assembly also.
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