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I have a 64 plate 208 GT Line 120bhp diesel frequently used for commuting to work using the motorway

I'm having a reccuring issue where when the car is travelling consistently at higher speeds 60mph+ for around 15/20 mins or more it can start to judder.

It starts subtly, but gets more severe as I continue. Releasing the throttle or disengaging the clutch can provide momentary relief but it quickly returns.
It will continue through decreasing the speed or changing down to lower gears etc. Eventually trying to pick up speed again will just cause it to judder like crazy

Once I pull over and kill the engine then restart it again it will be fine.
I can go through periods of months without it happening and then it will happen again.

There is no consistent reason for it doing this, hot/cold weather, full or lower fuel levels, having different things on/off such as air con or cruise control.

The first time this happened I called the AA and had multiple garages check it over mechanically and running electrical diagnostics. Couldn't find a thing.
It's also been into peugeot, and passed services and MOT's since then.

It feels to me like how it would when I was low on fuel and running out. Being able to solve it by restarting the engine also hints to me it is and electrical fault.

Is there anything I can do which would enable me to constantly monitor activity so when it does happen I have evidence which I can provide to someone who can find a fix?

At the moment by the time anyone gets to look at it it is fine again.

Just to confirm I am not a particularly car savvy person so technicals are really not my strong point.

Any ideas or experiences with this would be perfect.

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