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Evening all, thought I would give you my update.
Ordered 2 208s on the 5th jan this year, old mans 1.4 5door active in oasis blue for 7th march and my 1.6 120 3door feline in Rioja red also for the 7th, was virtual blue originally until I though the red was safer on the motorway

Mrs already has 1.4 spirt grey 62 plate 1.4 active which she finds nippy on the motorway each day

Oasis blue turned up a few weeks ago but mine was built last week in France and arrived this week, looking forward to it but interesting to see what I actually get as it appears peugeot have now stopped the 3 door feline in January - I wonder why!

I'll be interested to see how the 1.6 goes has I'm trading in a 207 gt thp which with 150 Bhp was a great car until this year when just out of warranty turbos and fuel pumps fail and you get £1000 of repair bills.

Like I say am looking forward to seeing the car as according to brother peugeot master tech it looks the dogs whilst still in its wax!

Ps anyone know a good place to get a painted rear spoiler?

Pps no 3 door feline to ensure you buy xy, or gti.
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