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Following my tyre incident on Saturday I was keen to investigate if the 208 GTi had any tyre sensors which would have alerted me sooner to a problem with the rear tyre. I checked my users handbook and I can't find any reference to the 208 GTi having tyre sensors like was the case with my previous 207 GTi. Given the fact that the tyre shredded away from the alloy and a strong smell of burning rubber which nearly resulted in writing off a very expensive alloy I have come to the conclusion that there are NO tyre sensors on the new 208 GTi unless im wrong of course!

Given the fact that the car is fitted with non run flat tyres it was surprising how quickly some serious damage could have occured especially as the kwik fit guy said I was close to also writing off the alloy along with the tyre. I must admit this was the first serious puncture I had experienced in 16 years of driving - all other others were slow and not as serious as this one. But goes to show the importance of having tyre sensors on the car when you need them!!

Any idea if the new GTi can support tyre pressure sensors and if so how can these be fitted? I thought these would have come as standard as was the case on my previous 207 GTi.

For fellow GTi drivers in the sign of any slight steering problems pull over and inspect your tyres ASAP! dont assume the car will alert you to there being a problem and you will be amazed how quickly a serious puncture can destroy both the tyre and a very expensive alloy!
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