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Hi everyone. Yesterday I collected a 2019 208 1.2 with 9,000 miles on it. I have a couple of questions:

1. Although the tyres are all pretty good I found that the front brake pads were fairly worn - maybe 5mm left. Is the 208 hard on front pads?
2. I noticed the corrosion on the top of the front suspension struts just below the windscreen, is that normal?
3. The prop that hold up the bonnet seems weird! It doesn't seem to be attached to anything at the bottom end. There is a small yellow clip near the headlight but nothing to hold it in place at the other end. I assume a clip of some kind is missing. Would someone have a pic of what should be there?
4. I noticed that the front bumper protrudes a little at the base of the headlight on one side but not on the other. Is that normal?
5. Should the engine have some kind of cover on it ?

Many thanks in advance for any help!
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