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Hi everyone

My car
Aluminium 208 1.6 e-HDI (Diesel with stop/start)
3300 - miles
59 mph - Average Speed
56.3 MPG - lifetime MPG
(90% motorway driving)

Don't get me wrong I want to love my car (Had a 205 , 309 and a 307 previously)

1. Day one (6th December 2012) Collected from dealer in Newcastle left next day to drive to Edinburgh and got a puncture en-route (just bad luck) jacked up the car took the wheel off turned around and picked up the spare heard a strange metallic crunching noise turned back to the car to see the jack collapse and I am now on the hard shoulder of the A1 with the rear driver side brake disc about 5mm away from the ground.

The jack has collapsed on itself, rang Peugeot assistance (included with the Just Add Fuel scheme) to be informed it no longer covers free callout for a puncture, expained to the woman on the phone that I did require assistance for the puncture but assistance with the jack that was supplied by them collapsing, in the end I was left with no option but to make a card payment of 110 pounds, AA recovery arrives jacks up car , confirms jack was in correct position and that it had collapsed on itself....
On my way spoke to dealer next day and when I returned to dealer after a 1 hour debate managed to get this refunded and an upgraded jack provided.

2. Couple of days later I noticed that approximately 1 in 10 times switching car ignition on the computer would display the Peugeot loading screen and go no further... This means no music in car and unable to view my MPG etc it would remain like this between anywhere between 10-40 minutes even if the key was removed it would remain on and cannot be switched off it will then randomly switch back on and all is well.

Booked into dealer who performed software update to latest version on drive home stopped at shop for a drink. switched on ignition and yeah you guessed it stuck on load screen.

3. 1000 checkup mentioned about computer issue when booking in they advised would look at it. Went to collect car was advised they needed to speak to Peugeot (21/12/2012) but didn't have time to do it now (They had car for 6 hours prebooked and 1000 mile check doeesn't take 1 hour to carry out)

4. 17th January 2013 started car screen freezes as usual, 5 minutes away from work engine power dips and 2 warning lights come on dash (service light and engine warning) also computer reboots at same time to alert me of an engine fault.
Back into dealer on same day left overnight. (Also asked again about onboard computer)

Spoke to them today about engine management light and was advised it would cost me 150 pounds as fuel filter needs replacing (car is 5 weeks old) due to fuel not having winter additive in (by petrol station not by myself - winter mix of diesel apparently)

Since having the car i have refilled at same garage everytime, i still have all the reciepts in car and the milages wrote on them. So i ring the petrol station with this information and was transferred to the branch manager, he took my details and i get a callback 20 minutes later from the regional manager (without asking to escalate) about my enquiry, they assure me they use the winter mix which complies to UK regulations to avoid diesel waxing of temp up to -15 c and they will provide me with written confirmation of this should i require it and due to havin receipts with date and time stamps they can confirm what fuel batches my car was filled with.

Contact Peugeot back who say now that garage must be using wrong additive.. I advised him he told me they used none until i contacted them.

I asked him for the same written confirmation of the garage or car not being at fault and that it was the fuel i put in the car.

He advised would speak to his boss and call me back. 10 minute later. your car is ready to collect we have waived the charge.

Oh and we have updated your computer software to latest version (I asked what version) he went and checked and its the same as when it went in (press and hold menu button for a few seconds to check this yourself) so I asked again and he said oh I must have misread it says we need further investigation into this.... I explained they have had car 3 time now totalling 36 working hours in their garage to investigate this. New screen has now been ordered....

Enjoy! Other than that lovely motor................................

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my active plus with eg#cg gearbox faaild the day i had it been back to garage four times for software finally ordered nes#w gearbox 20 dec came16 january 18 jan would not go in reverse told its because the abs ecu was cold now in the snow and ice ebs traction control works when it wants too awaiting reply from garage
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