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Had a 208 Feline 5dr as per my signature delivered on Monday this week.
First impressions (after not having seen many on the road) wow!! looks far better than I thought it would.

Good all round build quality
Great little steering wheel
Comfy and very supportive seats
Very quiet diesel engine, plenty of poke despite the 92 bhp
Love the blue strip lights on the roof
LED strip lights at the front
The 17" two tone wheels really suit the car

Negatives so far:

Gearbox isn't particularly smooth.
Fuel consumption is 42mpg around town and I've been very careful - is this likely to improve?? Only done 125 miles since Monday.
Not sure how to set up the sat nav so that is auto reroutes if there is a diversion / accident.

Only modification so far (after seeing pics of Baz's car in the gallery) a short stubby aerial which arrived today - very nice mod for a fiver thanks to Baz.

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Glad you're enjoying your 208 mate (and your stubby aerial!) Such a small mod that makes a big difference.

I would've thought your mpg will improve once you've done a few more miles. My THP is getting around 36 mpg, with a lot of town driving (I've done about 750 miles and have an average speed of about 20 mph).
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