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I have a 2015 1.0Vti (EBO ZMZ engine I believe). The issue is that the car pulls great off from a start but then bogs down and has almost zero power from around 2000rpm. If I keep the power on it will struggle until it reaches 3000rpm, at which point it launches off again like a little rocket.

Occasionally there is some misfiring during this dead rpm region, occasionally there is a distinct whiff of unburnt petrol when it happens, occasionally the engine tone alters strangely (sounds a liitle like a minor exhaust blow out but I know it isn't that). Once or twice the EML has illuminated but it goes out again afterwards. There is a P1336 code showing (misfire : cylinder undetermined). I have a spare coil pack and have tried it on each cylinder with no obvious improvement.

I am wondering could this be a fault with the variable valve timing system? I could really do with any helpful advice because I have already spent £800 trying to have it resolved and yet both mechanics insist they cannot find any problem!

Many thanks - Mervyn.
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