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Hello 208 gti fans,
My beast has been with me for 4 months now and starting to get a little bit annoyed, not with the car but with peugeot (arnold clark). I noticed the software was out of date on the smeg+ so managed to get it updated and there was some folders out of place which I expected. I asked the garage to clean up the selection but they decided that they were unable/clueless and said I need a new unit, after 3 weeks it goes in and guess what! They only ordered a new touch screen 🤦‍♂️. I'm no mechanic but I would have thought the touchscreen works so it can't be that. Fast forward 2 more weeks for a NEW smeg+ unit, happy days........ wrong freaking part 😒. I'm booked in this week and I hope to god they have the CORRECT part which can only make it better right?????
Well hello knocking under the steering or suspension and I've checked the suspension best I can (not a mechanic) it happens in second gear upwards especially going over bumps, any ideas so I can tell the garage to fix this complimentary for there faults?
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