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Hopefully this will help others with the access/access+/active model. These versions come with a plastic wheel which isn't all that nice to hold. The models higher up the range have a leather wheel.

I managed to find a leather wheel on ebay which was local to me at the bargain price of £67 from

The usual clause of you do this at your own risk, I can't be held responsible for any damage you do to either you or your car.

You will be removing the airbag, these contain explosives so please be VERY careful when handling it, if you aren't confident please take your car to a garage to do this for you.

Tools you'll require for this are, 10mm socket, Torx 50 bit, something to unlatch the airbag and a small screwdriver.

Ok so this is what I'm starting with

1st job is to disconnect the battery. As you will be removing the airbag the car can detect part of the safety system is missing and will throw up an error light on the dash. if you remove the power it won't know you've been messing about

Undo the nut on the negative cable a few turns so that it's loose and lift the clamp off. You need to move the cable away from the terminal for the duration of the job, you don't want it flicking back and making the circuit again, I used a cloth to put between them.

I left my car alone for about 30 mins to allow any capacitors to drain to help prevent any error lights.

Whilst waiting I took a look at the wheel that I'm going to fit

It's much nicer than the original one, being softer due to the leather and having the aluminium lower part.

The centre of the wheel you can see the U shape wire than holds the airbag. To release the airbag you need to poke something through the hole on the left here (the lower hole when the wheel is viewed in the car)

I used 3mm allen driver to go through the hole to the wire, there is a guide in the wheel so you can't really miss it

Obviously when changing the wheel it's imperative that you get it on straight. Peugeot have helped with this, at the 12, 4 and 8 oclock positions there is a flat between the splines so you shouldn't be able to mess it up.

Ok so back to the car. I put the key in the ignition but I only turned it far enough to make sure the steering lock didn't engage.

So use your poking device into the small hole to release the airbag. I started with the one on the right then moved onto the left one. You can hear it click when it releases. it also pops forwards a bit

This is the bit you need to be careful with now, there are 3 cables that connect to the airbag. One of them is for the steering controls, the others I assume are to do with the bag directly. Unclip these as carefully as you can. The larger white one needs a small screwdriver sliding down the side where the lug is. The further you push the driver in the more the clip releases until it comes away. These wiresare pretty short so you don't have much room to move. Make sure you don't break anything!

Here you can see the lug that you need to push by to get it to release.

This is the one that is for the steering controls

Time to get the wheel off. The centre bolt is a T50 bit, it's done up pretty tight so you might want someone to hold the wheel while you undo it.

The wheel comes straight off when you've got the bolt undone.

In the above you can see the flat spline, I've tried to get some other photos of the shaft but I'm no david bailey

The white bit you can see in the photo above is spring loaded, when you put the wheel on you need to push this back in.

Also don't mess about with the slip ring, Just leave it where it is.

Slide the new wheel on, it should only fit on in one way due to the flat spline but make sure it's on straight. Do the bolt up tight, you don't want the wheel coming off in your hands!

Reconnect the cables to the airbag. Again be very careful.

Nearly there now.

Line the airbag up straight and then when it's back as far as it goes give it a firm push centrally, you should hear it click twice.

Finally reconnect the battery and check everything is ok.

I hope this helps someone out.
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