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I'm new here so apologies if I have put this in the wrong area, I couldn't see a how to section.

I fitted my dash camera to my car today, I've not seen any other threads about fitting them so I thought I would take some photos to show how I did it in case it can help someone else out. I've taken loads of photos and I've written this as simply as I can.

This is how I did it, I'm not saying that this is how it should be done, if you follow this and break something please don't blame me, you do anything to your own car at your own risk.

For information I have a Roadhawk HD camera with hard wiring kit which I bought from

It's a fairly simple installation, the mount gets stuck to the screen and it needs a power wire connecting to it. You can connect via a cigarette lighter but this will leave the power cable in the way all the time so I went for the hard wire option.

To provide the power I'm still using the cigarette lighter circuit but I'm taking it straight from the fuse box. I've used an 'Add a circuit' device to provide this.

This is a great idea as it gives a decent fused circuit without having to splice into any wiring in the car. To install this you just need to remove the existing fuse and put it in the lower holes, the new circuit fuse in the top ones and they push it back in the box where the original fuse was removed from. I'll come back to this later.

So getting to the fuse box is easy, its in the glove box on the left hand side. Unfortunately there is plenty of wires in front of the fuses so you can hardly see any of the fuses let alone get to them. So I took the glovebox off.

If you open the glovebox and remove the fuse box cover you will see two screws, these have a Torx T20 head. Undo these and close the lid, there are another two screws on the bottom edge. Whilst you have you head under there the is there expanding rivets that can be removed. this will allow the footwell trim to come away. I don't have the footwell lights so this came way no problem for me but if you have them then you should be able to unplug them simple enough.

At this point I was a bit stumped, I had removed all the screws I could see but the glovebox was still secured in place. There' only one option at this point, give it a bit of a tug and see what happens. I started in the bottom left and the glovebox started to come away. There are about 7 clips that hold the box in. I've tried to show them in the photo below.

The OBDII port and Airbag switch is connected to the glovebox, I didn't want to risk messing anything up so I left these connected, the cables aren't very long though so try not to strain them.

So we now have something that looks like this

Now you can see the fuses a bit clearer

I planned to fit the camera up by the rear view mirror so rather than the cable running around the edge of the window I wanted to hide it behind the trim so I started on the A pillar.

Peel the rubber trim back and get your fingers around the back a bit and pull gently.

There are 4 pairs of clips that hold it on, just slide your fingers down and when you feel the next one pull again.

I don't have air bags in my A Pillars so I didn't have any issues, if yours has air bags here you need to be very careful you don't damage them. You will know if there are air bags as it will say on the trim.

There is a thin cable going to the overhead airbags so BE CAREFUL YOU DON'T PULL THIS. This cable is the pale one in the photo below. The one with the barcode label.

The clips are on the trim

So now you can see where to feed the cable down into the dashboard. The camera I've got has a large box where the hard connections are to be made so dropping the cable down the hole won't work.

This is the cable.

It's also quite tight in the fuse box area so feeding the cable up to the hole isn't really an option so I fed a thin stiff wire to use as a guide for pulling the cable up.

You can see in the fusebox it's not easy to see up to the windscreen.

Tie the power wire onto the guide and pull it back up to the dashboard

Ok so onto getting the power connected up to the fusebox. I checked my manual and it lists F16 as the one for the 12V socket.

The manual doesn't list F15 being used but there is a fuse present, I was tempted to put it the right way round butI left it well alone.

I pulled F16 out and installed it into the add a circuit device and installed a 5 amp one for the camera circuit

I then put the fuses back in the box

Thats easier said than done as all those cables in front of the fuses don't really help!

Onto the negative cable now. This needs to go to an earth point on the car. I had a poke around but I couldn't see anything around the fuse box so I stuck my head into the footwell and found this.

I thought I would have a try with the lower bolt so I loosened that off, it's a 14mm nut, I slotted the spade connector under the nut and tightened it back down.

All connections made so I tested it and the camera fired straight up!

Easy bit now, stick the camera to the screen, I moved it around a bit as I wanted it concealed as much as possible from both my and passenger. I settled on here

I pulled very gently at the headlining and tucked the cable under the edge. Peugeot have left a nice cutout in the middle that the cable can stick out from.

I routed the cable down the A pillar in the factory cable guides, there are little fingers in each guide, I tucked the cable into these to stop it rattling.

Now just put everything back how you took it apart.

I clipped the new cables together, and then taped them to the existing wiring in the fusebox. I used masking tape so that if I need to move it easily I can.

Final couple of photos now. This is how it looks from the outside

The tape that holds the mount to the screen is white so it's quite visible. I'm going to try and find some black and change it as it's quite visible.

Finally this is how it looks from the drivers seat.

I hope this helps someone out.

Any questions let me know. I've only had the car 24 hours so I'm still learning things about it.

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Oops I should have put that!It's a 1.2 active build date around September 2013.

Another thing I have thought of, in my previous car (BMW) it had factory GPS and the GPS receiver was above the rear view mirror. As the camera has built in GPS there can be some interference as there are two receivers in close proximity.

I don't know where the GPS receiver is in the 208 but if you install a camera in the front window and the sensor is near you may lose signal of one or both units.

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The camera is to be a witness in the event of an accident. I hope I never need it but I have been unfortunate to be caught up in a couple of incidents in the past so it will be useful to have some actual evidence of what went on. It uses it's gos to plot on google maps where you are as well as speed and g forces. So it's a pretty good bit of kit.
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