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GTI oilWillpower here..
My 208 GTI went in for its 2 month check-over this week, and I asked the Dealer (ROBINS AND DAY COVENTRY) the same question and they said use 5w30 oil.
Hope this helps
By-the-way: does anybody know what the button on the end of the indicator/lighting stalk does, as it appears to do nothing on my car......

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Tarmac_terrorist said:
In the manual it states that 5w30 & 0w30 can be used in the GTi.

Which one is the better oil to use ?


Both are good for the engine, but soon it will be colder and winter are waiting around the corner so you could use 0w30 for winterperiod and 5w30 for summer.

Oh.. And dont forget to use TOTAL/ELF brand,QUARTZ INEO ECS 5W-30 orQUARTZ INEO FIRST 5W-30.
But its up to you to choose your favorite brand if you dont want to follow Peugeot spec.
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