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My name is Achref, currently living in Australia. I recently purchased a 2012 1.6 THP turbo manual. I like how the car looks and I'm looking forward to getting few things done. For now I have in mind
  • Replacing the armrest
    • It's rattling, I can't even handle the noise when I put in down
  • Replacing the left side mirror's signal indicator
    • Got water in there
  • Try to workout how to tighten the spoiler, it's a bit loose and noisy
    • I would like to take apart in order to understand what's wrong
    • I couldn't find any tutorial online
  • Changing all brake discs and pads
  • Try to get the apple car play to work by changing the smeg apparently
    • Need to understand a bit more about that
  • Replace the gear boot shift gaiter
Thanks for having me :)

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Welcome mate. There are a few Aussies on here and a lot of good info. Nice car btw!
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