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This is a guide to remove the front door cards on a 3 door peugeot 208. It maybe similar for the 5 door but I can't vouch for that.

So you will need:

Torx T20
Torx T27
Ratchet and extension
Small flat screwdriver (for prizing!)


1. Remove this panel, just give it a sharp tug.

2. Remove this panel again a sharp tug should do

3. Remove these two screws. T27.

5. Use the small screwdriver to pry off this small speaker housing, then tuck it in out the way.

6. Again use the small screwdriver to remove cover.

7. Use T20 to remove screw and housing.

8. Remove the small rubber cover and remove screw. T20.

9. Pull up the window control panel and disconnect.


10. Remove two screws from the side of the card. T20


11. And lastly remove the two screws from the bottom of the car again T20.

12. Disconnect the two wing morrer wires.

Now check that you've removed every thing. You should have I'm front of you :

X2 T27 screws.
X6 T20 screws.
Window contor unit.
A small round cover and Basket type thing.
Wing mirror wire cover.

Now work you fingers under the door card and start to pull it off. (hoping the mounts come with it if the don't, remove them and place them back on.

To replace door card do the guide in revers.

I hold no responsibility for you damaging your car. This is how I did it and no damage accured on my car.
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