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Hi everyone - new here and have recently purchased a 2015 1.6 e-HDI 208. In general I like the car - drives great and looks incredible.

I'm experiencing a potential clutch fault and wondered if anyone here had experienced the same. This is a new clutch that was recently fitted by the dealer I bought the car from after I kicked up a fuss about the bite being very high.

There is a known issue with the 208 regarding reverse gear; as there's no reverse synchro, sometimes it takes two or three attempts to push it into reverse. I've had this checked out by Peugeot themselves and they say this is a known issue and is a quirk of the car; nothing that needs any work doing to it.

However, if I've tried put it into reverse and it hasn't gone in properly, while bringing the clutch up to the bite point (while not being aware that the car isn't in reverse as it's not always easy to tell it hasn't gone all the way in) I get a horrible grinding noise. Pushing the clutch in again, shifting back to neutral and then trying to reengage reverse usually does the trick and I can then bring the clutch up to the bite with no noise and the car will start to move backwards without issue.

It's a strange one; but has anyone else experienced this? Should point out that there are no other clutch noises that I've been able to identify - it seems to be just in this instance.

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