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Hi everyone,
I'm from Brazil and it seems that Brazilian speedo/cluster is different from european version.

Here is:
Chrome Surround version without illumination(notice this is the Brazilian, and it only has 2 buttons in the central area, not 3 as in the European version):

Blue illumination surround version:

Red illumination surround version:

Does anyone know if in European versions the speedo can be replaced by different models? I mean: I'd like to install the red or blue illumination version, but I'm afraid it may not be compatible. I used to have a 206 and bought the 206 gti180 speedo and installed here, as the GTI versions are never offered in Brazilian market.

If anyone is willing to help me and identify the part number for each version, let me know. I took a look at Servicebox and noticed that there are a lot of different versions. But I don't have any european VIN to identify the proper version.

If anyone has the blue illumination version and can check at servicebox with your own VIN, let me know.

Another difference is that Brazilian version uses digital meter for Temp and Fuel level. I don't like digital meter as I prefer the old analog needle wich gives a very accurate information.
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