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Hi all.

I've recently been given a 208 Active 1.4hdi and the car is in limp mode.

I've plugged it in and got these codes that I know are the issue. I've taken out the Adblue additive and pump to check if it works and the pump does. I've checked all wiring going to the pump incase it was corroded or damaged and all is fine. So I'm kinda stump.

I know that the these faults run through the BSI so I'm wondering if it could be because of blown fuses or not?

P1435 - Multiplexed Additive pump CAN network fault or pump.

P1434 - multiplexed additive pump fault.

U1f3c - no communication to diesel additive pump.

U1F40 - absence of communication of battery charge.

I've uploaded a picture of what I believe is the BSI board behind the glove compartment.
Property Circuit component Product Passive circuit component Hardware programmer

Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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