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Hi all,

I've got a 1.2 VTi 208 Allure (five door, 80hp) and it's just come back from its first service.

With 14,700 miles on the clock, the brake pads and brake discs are more than half worn. Peugeot say this suggests it has been driven extremely hard and beyond 'normal use'.

My commute is a 10-minute crawl through town, a 20-mile stint on the motorway, then a further crawl through stop-start traffic. I do this every morning, every evening, five days a week. I've done it for years in a range of superminis, and none of those have ever had the same problem... I don't thrash it, but interestinglyCar magazine are running one on a long-term test and said "revving the nuts off the 1.2 VTi engine and dumping the clutch is actually the smoothest way to get it moving."

So my question is - has anyone else had the same problem? I seem to have had the same problems as many of you here - touchscreen failure, clutch doesn't seem to have any obvious biting
point, limp throttle pedal...

i'd be keen to find out...

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I've had my gti for 2 weeks and noticed a grating noise coming from the rear brake.
Taken it in for test and have been told there a 'Pitting' and excessive wear apparently this should be expected of a car with a 10 or 15 thousand miles (not 500).
Technician stated it's prob from me 'riding' the brakes.
Having explained that I am an advanced driver and have certainly not been doing that and also that I have only had 3 spirited drives in the 2 weeks of ownership (6 miles each which I assume a gti should be able to cope with) he then changed his mind stating it couldn't be explained and was 'uncommon' in such a low mileage car.
It has been documented with Peugeot and I have Ben asked to monitor it and call back if it 'seizes up'
Not inspiring confidence in a 2 week old car.
Same as yourself I have owned 'new' cars for the last 15 years keeping them for 2-3 years (20000 miles max) and have never had an issue so again this backs up the fact that it's not my driving style!
Not happy only 2 weeks into ownership!
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