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A couple of months back I was trawling through this forum for help with my 208-2013 SMEG unit as it had decided it didn't want to turn on when the car was started.
I found a few suggestions which helped me back then, being replacing Fuse 17/18 which kicked the unit back to life however early last week it died on me again. After trying a couple more fuses in slot 17/18 the unit still wouldn't boot. Tried disconnecting battery and a BSI reset with no luck however after looking at photos of some units online I noticed a 15A fuse within the power slot on the back of the unit itself which I'd somehow missed when I had the unit out previously (very annoying as it took me a long time to get out). After some more time wrestling with trim desperately trying not to break anything I replaced this fuse and the unit has come back to life.

Hoping it stays this way as the fuse replaced did look absolutely battered but not blown.

I will update this post if the problem presents itself again.

If you are going to attempt this and don't have the right tools or know how to remove the unit please be very careful as I imagine it's very easy to damage/scratch the plastic and/or touch screen.
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