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love getting the keys to a new car. But I was more excited than normal to get behind the wheel of our new Peugeot 208, because it comes with impeccable credentials, having been named Best Supermini at our 2012 New Car Awards.

Yet in the few weeks since it joined our fleet, I've barely seen the 208. You see, my wife has also taken quite a shine to the latest addition to our driveway. She particularly loves the sleek and stylish looks ""“ especially the eye-catching LED daytime running lights and ""˜floating' front grille.

She also adores the way it drives, particularly its light and direct steering, eager 1.2-litre petrol engine and smooth ride, which combine to make the 208 feel equally at home in the city as on the open road.

When I am allowed to drive, I can see why Mrs Fretwell is so fond of it. The seats are supportive and comfortable, while friends have commented on how impressive the interior is compared to previous Peugeots.

It's modern and well built, there are plenty of upmarket materials and the doors close with a reassuring thud. The airy cabin is also packed with plenty of desirable options, including the Cielo panoramic glass roof, parking sensors and directional foglights. We've also added the £400 sat-nav option for the standard touchscreen control centre, while there are two USB inputs for your iPod as well as Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls. All these options have taken the price to a heady £15,690 ""“ although the low running costs should help offset this extra outlay.

Read the full report here:
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