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Hopefully this will help someone out. The usual clause of you do this at your own risk, don't blame me if you damage your car. It would be pretty hard to do to be honest as there is no wiring involved.

I got my arm rest from

It comes with pretty good instructions to be fair but pictures are always nice. If you want me to PDF the instructions let me know.

So the kit comes with

Mounting frame
Screws and caps

1st off remove the centre console, DaveGTI has a good how to for this

Once that is out it should look like this

you need to remove the two nuts from the back of the hand brake

Then fit the mounting bracket and mark around the edge where it is resting on the carpet, I used upholstery chalk

Cut the carpet and throw that section away

Refit the bracket and bolt it down to the handbrake.

Go back to the centre console and sit the armrest on it. Mark the holes

Drill the holes (carefully) in the centre console, the manual says 10mm but I only drilled 7mm as thats the size of the holes in the armrest.

Refit the centre console and then put the arm rest in. If you drilled the holes correctly the screws will go straight in. The two at the rear are really easy but the two at the side are a bit awkward. I nearly took the seats out but as they are so soft you can push the foam down and get a screw driver in. Don't forget to put the washers under the heads.

The screws have black plastic covers on

And the finished result

The dividers are removable if you wish.

Fitting took me about an hour if that.

The armrest does make reaching the handbrake slightly more awkward but for normal driving its fine.

Any questions let me know.
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