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Hello fellow enthusiasts.

My missus picked up her first ever new car and it happens to be the 208 GTi.
She isn't a forum kind of girl so being a car enthusiast fiancé I thought I'd introduce the car.

Long story how she ended up with the car but I'll keep it sweet...

She has had a few hot hatches over the years. Ford Fiesta Si' x 2, Vauxhall Corsa 1.8 16v SRi.. Well not that many but some nice cars.

She has shared my E46 M3 with me for the past 18 months so is used to quick cars!

I talked her into getting a 118d, but she wasn't do keen... She watched Top Gear for the first time and it happened to be the episode with the GTi, a week later a test drive is booked and a car ordered. Bad news a sat-Nav car would need to be ordered and wouldn't be delivered untill October but luckily our amazing dealer found her a car with Sat-Nav, active Fog lights so delivered it down with just 1 mile on the clock.

We both love all the nice styling touches like the dials, leather dash etc.
Pulls like a train!

Hope to contribute more over the coming months.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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