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Hi there
I apologise if this is in the wrong area,

I was wondering if anyone can help?
I have a 2014 208 GTI

the mrs goes out to it and tries to put the passenger window down and up to clear the mist and they she rings me straight away saying the window not go back up. I’ve then had to force it up while she was pressing the switch.
Now if you attempt to put it down it will go down really slowly but when putting it back up it sounds like cracking noises and it stops and you have to force it up with your hand.
Once up in the closed position it stays there.

I was wondering if anyone has had this before or any experience.

my guessing is either someone has tried to break in to it by forcing the window down or the mrs has put it down while it’s been icy and frozen and broken something.
Thanks for your help in advance
Shaun (new poster and member)
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