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Can anyone help?

Christmas Day 2019, my vehicle was hit by an Astra side on whilst parked. The other party who damaged my vehicle's insurer fixed the paintwork and did not assess the mechanics of the vehicle for damage to steering and suspension as I had asked them to do. Vehicle return at end of January 2020.

At low speed not much difference in drive. At high legal speed, I was fighting to keep the vehicle on a motorway lane. After 450 miles of this difficult drive to Devon and back, it was noticed that if the steering wheel was straight, the front wheels were pointing sharply left. The vehicle went back to the fixing garage who made the steering wheel and wheels roughly face in the correct direction. I could not allow that garage to do anymore work on my vehicle.

My vehicle is no longer the sporty, fast round a bend, easy to hold still in motorway lanes anymore!

The 1st Peugeot garage I took the vehicle to, changed the lower arm/wishbone on the drivers side at my cost, but the problem of hard pulling left and wobble remained at higher legal speeds.

A 2nd Peugeot garage informed me that, during diagnostics, the vehicle has been found to have front suspension wishbone mounting bolts that were not properly attached and informed me that the crash damage could not have caused the problem with the bolts. The garage must have done something to the bolts because the vehicle then drove a lot better for a while, not perfect or back to normal, but better.

I drove the vehicle to have a service done on Monday 4 January 2021 with no driving issues and when I drove the vehicle home after the service, I nearly lost control of the vehicle on the motorway, with the vehicle pulling hard left and wobling right and left!

I have read that there is a recall on 208s from What Car:
"there are a total of 10 recalls out on the 208, the largest of which involves 5502 cars and requires replacement of the front suspension wishbone mounting bolts, a batch of which have been found to break and result in loss of steering control and vibration from the front of the car. It’s worth checking to see which recalls might affect the car you’re hoping to buy and finding out whether the appropriate work has been carried out. If not, you’ll want to book it into a Peugeot dealer as soon as possible to get the work done (usually for free)."

Have any other 208 GTi 2012-2017 owners suffered this problem or had a recall on their vehicle or indeed any other 208 drivers? I would be very interested to hear from anyone with any information?
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