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Hi everyone,

I bought a 17 plate 208 Automatic last week from a dealer.

Car runs fine apart from I've noticed when I click the sport mode or snow programme, nothing changes on the instrument panel.

Has anyone come across this before?

The manual says for the sport mode an 'S' should appear on the panel next to my current gear.

Just thought I'd check on here that it's not something I'm missing completely (maybe a random setting that's been disabled by previous owner???)

Before I take it to the garage? Wondered if anyone else had experienced this.


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If it's the EAT6, then get the display looked at. You should show a little S symbol (when you select sport) on the gear selector display when the car is in Drive.

Equally, the car should feel a lot livelier when it's in sport mode. Winter mode means that the car pulls away in 2nd gear, instead of 1st.

Just remember - it doesn't show when the car is in "manual"mode!

Hope you get this resolved.
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