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Just bought this car with 30,000 miles on it - it runs great but having replaced an 09 207 1.4hdi I’ve noticed the accelerator (or tickover as I call it) seems very fast / responsive compared to my sluggish 207.
Is that different technology now - no cables anymore and more sensors and is that something a local dealer can check / adjust or does it need linking up to a Peugeot computer to tune it - I’ve no idea.

I was getting 66 mpg on my old 207 (mostly motorway driving) and now getting 68 mpg on the 208 - and at 70 yrs old I tend to be a steady 60 / 65 mph driver which I expected to get closer to 75/80 mpg after reading the performance figures in the manual but I put this down to the tickover being a bit fast?

The car has only ever had local dealer service - 12000 service x 2

As it’s not been serviced for a year other than a pre sales oil change and top up service in June when purchased - I would now like to give it a pre winter full major service but don’t want to pay main dealer prices.
I would like all the usual - change filters, replace oil, top up fluids and brake fluid change - not sure what else I should expect on a major service?

Can anyone please give me a guide to what price I should expect to pay?
I am in Blackpool if anyone knows a good garage as I’m new to the area.

Many thanks - Ian
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