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Hey folks, new here and I'd like to get some thoughts on the situation I'm in 😁

So the misses has a 1.2 208 style, and had a fender bender few months ago. Not a big crash, but the dash airbags deployed and you can imagine the hassle and cursing to get it fixed.

Anyway, bodywork's all done, we've changed the dashboard, so new pasenger airbag module, and new steering wheel airbag, as well as both seat-belt pre-tensioners.

Last step left, to pass the MOT is to clear out the Airbag "error" on the dash. We were tempted to send over the airbag controller module to those ebay shops which change the ROM/whatever, but an auto tech we called strongly advised against it, said it's a risk of not getting the airbags firing when they're needed or vice versa. So we ordered the module new from Peugeot.

Day 2 in the shop and the local dealer in Malta (I'm from Malta by the way!) called the misses and explained that they have to change a "wireless something", which is damaged, and could cost €200 to fix. If that doesn't work, something else worth "about €700" would have to be changed. I've tried calling the guys to get more info but it's end of day for them.

As far as I know, there's nothing else to replace after the airbags which deployed, the pre-tensioners and the controller module (the one attached). Since they mentioned "wireless" I'm guessing they want to change the immobilizer in the fob?

So I have two question please , if maybe someone could help:
  • Does the airbag module have to be re-programmed to fit the rest of the Canbus on the car? (maybe explains immobilizer?)
  • Are there wireless airbag sensors in front of the 208, which may have been wrecked?

Thank you,
any input is appreciated :)


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