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Error alert appeared on the screen and the Engine light flashed yellow for 5-10 seconds , car went sluggish like loosing power, but fixed itself after 10 or so seconds once the light went off, Purchased an error code reader to see what it was but no code is on the car, Fault has not happened again, purchased the car 4 weeks ago from a dealer, i know it has been sat on the forecourt for at least 5 months+

Engine now seems to be shaking a little more when i open the bonnet, mounts seem fine, car revs fine, and drives fine, so assuming this is standard for a 3 cylinder engine ?

anyone have any ideas into what this could have been?

i am also torn with what to do next, Some people are saying take it back to the place i got it from for them to fix it for free as i am apparently allowed a free fix due to not owning the car long, however the car place is telling me to go though my AA warranty they gave me which probably wont cover it as the AA say if its a part that needs replacing after 5 years its not covered.
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