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  1. 208 GTI
    Hi, sorry for asking questions that will appear stupid to many of you. Just bought 2014 gti. The car is generally in good condition. Had it checked and serviced. But have this incredible creaking coming from suspension area. I’ve had the suspension visually checked and sprayed with lubricant...
  2. 208 GTI
    Hello 208 gti fans, My beast has been with me for 4 months now and starting to get a little bit annoyed, not with the car but with peugeot (arnold clark). I noticed the software was out of date on the smeg+ so managed to get it updated and there was some folders out of place which I expected...
  3. Chassis, Wheels, Tyres, Suspension
    Hi, I'm having issues with the front suspension on my 2015 peugeot 208 1.6 e-hdi. I've managed to narrow the issues to the strut top mounts and the shock absorbers. The next thing I need to know is... are the shock absorbers the 47mm version or the 51mm version. Now I would have measured the...
1-3 of 3 Results