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  1. Faults and Fixes
    A couple of months back I was trawling through this forum for help with my 208-2013 SMEG unit as it had decided it didn't want to turn on when the car was started. I found a few suggestions which helped me back then, being replacing Fuse 17/18 which kicked the unit back to life however early...
  2. Spotted!
    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to find out which HU I can upgrade to and what it entails. I have a 16 plate 2008. I've been looking all over the place but can't get a definitive answer. My current HU lacks features and the BT delay is terrible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. ICE
    Hey guys, I have changed the original speakers and tweeters in the front doors, but i'm not sure if i have connected it probably. It's component set from Hertz, that has been installed in my previous VW Polo. It sounds kinda fine when i hear EDM music, but not so good with other genres. Mostly...
1-3 of 3 Results