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  1. ICE
    Hi I got my hands on a 208 late 2016 a cupple of months ago. I've done a lot of research but i cant seem to find anyting similar to my situation. I read that there might be an update to the smeg unit but i cant seem to find anyting about what version to get. My smeg units system version is...
  2. ICE
    Hi, I need help with this problem:confused:: Using the system paired with the Bluetooth of any smart-phone, everything works fine when I use bluetooth with music + calls. But when I use the sat nav while I am transmitting bluetooth music from the smartphone, minutes later in the middle of the...
  3. Faults and Fixes
    A couple of months back I was trawling through this forum for help with my 208-2013 SMEG unit as it had decided it didn't want to turn on when the car was started. I found a few suggestions which helped me back then, being replacing Fuse 17/18 which kicked the unit back to life however early...
  4. Faults and Fixes
    Hi, so all I need is a link to download the latest version of firmware that can go onto my car, I currently have smeg6.05.d.r8. hoping someone has a link so I can fix the restarting issue Cheers
  5. Spotted!
    Just brought a 2016 1.2 Roland garros 208 the sat nav is outdated plus last software update on smeg was 2016 peugot want £100 for smeg software update and £149 for update of sat nav maps anyone know how I can do this myself cheaper as can’t afford £249 :(
  6. ICE
    I recently tried updating my system from Smeg 6.1.D.R20 to a different version as a recommendation from someone I know, the only issue is that now I’m having several issues with the new version, like CarPlay audio skipping, auto dimming not recognising when I turn on the headlights, Extra...
  7. ICE
    Hello everyone i have a question to ask, i have a peugeot 208 2013 year with SMEG 3.20 version currently installed. Can i update it to SMEG+ or something newer?
1-7 of 7 Results