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  1. 208 GTI
    As the title suggests I have questions about a stage 1 remap. I have searched through various older posts however the information is varied. I have a stock 208 GTI (208hp/euro6) which I want more power out of. I’ve spoken to a handful of remap companies and they have stated a stage one is...
  2. 208 GTI
    I've been looking at getting a stage 1 remap done on my 2016 208 GTI and I've had a couple of different quotes on the gains I might see. One place has quoted me 220bhp and 360nm while another has quoted 235bhp and 250lb/ft. Just wondering which one is likely to be more accurate and if I need to...
  3. 208 GTI
    Had my car remapped stage 1 it pulls hard but has same small flat spot 5800 to 6000 most noticeable in 4th 5th 6th Any ideas
1-3 of 3 Results