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  1. Chassis, Wheels, Tyres, Suspension
    Hi all, I'm looking to swap out all the discs, pads, and hoses on my 2016 208 GTi THP208 Prestige for some uprated aftermarket parts. There are a lot of options for THP200 cars (see here), but I can't find any for my THP208 car and I keep finding lots of contradictory information online. Was...
  2. Faults and Fixes
    Hey all, I’m picking up my first Peugeot, a 2018 GTi Prestige with 26000 miles from a Peugeot dealership next week. The car comes with a 12 month used warranty but for £299 you can extend that by a year. Do you think that’s worth it? What are people’s experience with this car, does it have many...
1-2 of 2 Results