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  1. Interior
    I have a 2014 5dr 1.2 5 speed 208 active and want to change the seats to the gt line and have found a full set from a 2016 5dr 1.2 5 speed 208 gt line would these gt line seats be compatible with my standard 2 years older 208
  2. Interior
    Hi everyone, my wife's 2016 208 5 door recently got the dreaded air bag warning light on the dash. I obtained software and hardware for peugeot planet and found the fault to be the "drivers side pretentioner line fault" I have decided to remove the seat and the trim to check the wiring...
  3. Interior
    Hi, I bought my 2017 Peugeot 208 second hand last year. I have had a couple issues in terms of interior creaks and rattles for a while. I don’t know too many technical terms so please bare with. Specifically when it is “warmer” weather, there is a creak coming from inside the interior b...
1-3 of 3 Results