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  1. 208 Owners General Discussions
    Hey guys, i've recently purchased a 1.2L 208 from my girlfriends sister and there are a few things i need to do to the car which i could do with some advice. 1 - Under the back seats the foam seems to have become mouldy, do any of you know where i could get more of the foam seating as the...
  2. ICE
    Ive got an older 2013 model 208 which has no navigation. Its a pain, when I bought the vehicle I assumed there was sat nav, my own fault. But its no big problem as I love messing about with my cars and they never stay stock for long. Usually id just go the aftermarket headunit route and put an...
  3. Interior
    So I just bought an 18 month old Peugeot 208 Tech edition with a panoramic roof. In the manual and on the touchscreen it says that there is mood lighting which lights the sides of the pan roof up. I have looked and can see strip style LED lighting along the roof. However, I don’t know how you...
1-3 of 3 Results