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  1. Exterior
    I've a bit of an issue, purchased a rear spoiler from a wrecker online but its missing the bracket attaching it to the tailgate. Can't seem to find that specific part online anywhere, not sure what to do... If I return it, taking into account 2-way freight I barely get any amount refunded :(
  2. Newbies
    Had the 2016 gti prestige about 4 months and love the car, cars under warranty until October and I want to start getting more gains from it, any suggestions for what I’ll need to do for stage 1 to get the most gain? I’m aware most things I’ll do will likely void the warranty if I get it done...
  3. Chassis, Wheels, Tyres, Suspension
    Hi all, I'm looking to swap out all the discs, pads, and hoses on my 2016 208 GTi THP208 Prestige for some uprated aftermarket parts. There are a lot of options for THP200 cars (see here), but I can't find any for my THP208 car and I keep finding lots of contradictory information online. Was...
  4. 208 GTI
    Hi can anyone help. My car has a leak passenger side of engine. Check expansion tank its empty unscrew it and it fills back up. Something is leaking on passenger side of the engine.
  5. 208 Owners General Discussions
    Can anyone help by telling me if 208gti engine fits straight into my 207cc
  6. Faults and Fixes
    Hey all, I’m picking up my first Peugeot, a 2018 GTi Prestige with 26000 miles from a Peugeot dealership next week. The car comes with a 12 month used warranty but for £299 you can extend that by a year. Do you think that’s worth it? What are people’s experience with this car, does it have many...
  7. Faults and Fixes
    Was wondering if anyone could clear this up for me. I was driving my 2014 plate GTi, and the engine management light came on and it started running really lumpy. Took it to my mates garage, code P000B came up, so we cleared that code and drove it to see would it come back. Next morning on a cold...
  8. Faults and Fixes
    Morning all, 1st time poster. I have 2 issues on my 63 reg GTi 200THP with 64k miles; 1. Suspected timing chain rattle. In November alone, when below 5 degrees in the morning I get 30 to 60 seconds of a rattle on start-up. Not present previously. I suspect this is a timing chain rattle. I...
  9. Chassis, Wheels, Tyres, Suspension
    Hey everyone. Was changing the pads on the front and it seems there were no top and bottom shims or pad accessories. Should there be any and will any fit as I went with mintex pads. Making noise when going at slower speeds and over small bumps. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. 208 GTI
    I've been looking at getting a stage 1 remap done on my 2016 208 GTI and I've had a couple of different quotes on the gains I might see. One place has quoted me 220bhp and 360nm while another has quoted 235bhp and 250lb/ft. Just wondering which one is likely to be more accurate and if I need to...
  11. 208 GTI
    Hey everyone, Happy to be here! Last week I got myself a white, 2016 GTI. I love every bit in it so far. its the 208hp model with start and stop (as seen on my start up screen). Well I have a few questions, and since everything is under lockdown these days, Cant go the the main peugeot center...
  12. 208 GTI
    Okay, so I’ve bought the blow off valve from forge (probably should have asked this earlier). I was just wondering if this type of valve is bad or harmful to the car in anyway. This is because it is just 1 small add-on rather than a £200 kit that some others come with. this is the valve I’m...
  13. 208 GTI
    Hi guys. In my 2013 Peugeot 208, there was this awesome looking blue light strip below the odometer buttons. I recently got a 2019 Peugeot 208 Gti, and noticed the lack of this light. Is it possible I just need to switch it on somewhere? Thanks in advance.
  14. 208 GTI
    Hello! First post on here, just looking for some advice really. My turbo has been making a whistle noise when sat at idle and revs to 1.5k. From what I have looked at online and about turbos, in general, it seems to be faulty. I have had it a year and the car is a 65 plate on 29,500 miles and...
1-14 of 14 Results