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  1. PLEASE HELP! Headlight works but indicator doesn't!

    Faults and Fixes
    Hi guys, I have purchased a Peugeot 208 Active 1.4HDI 2014 model (my first Peugeot). It was missing a front passenger side indicator bulb and I have only seen one place that sells it (link below) as the dealer told me they don't sell the bulb on its own, and I would have to purchase the whole...
  2. Occasional juddering until switched off and on again

    Faults and Fixes
    Hi. I have a 64 plate 208 GT Line 120bhp diesel frequently used for commuting to work using the motorway I'm having a reccuring issue where when the car is travelling consistently at higher speeds 60mph+ for around 15/20 mins or more it can start to judder. It starts subtly, but gets more...
  3. Loud knocking noise from under the car

    Faults and Fixes
    so i have a 2015 208 with the 82hp 1.2 engine. its only done 28,000 miles but has developed a loud knock/ rattle from underneath/right side of the car. it seems to be worse at low speeds but rough roads cause it the most. i thought it was a broken spring but after checking they all are fine...