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  1. Faults and Fixes
    Hi Everyone, 1st post, My daughter has a 2012 208, the issue is the car always unlocks itself a short time after locking. She is away studying abroad at present and the car has not been used for months (although this issue was present previously) I notice after using the central locking...
  2. Faults and Fixes
    Hi all, Hoping someone else has had this issue... Went to start the car a few months ago after it had been started for two days, no power. RAC came out, new battery, problem fixed. Went for another few weeks, using it everyday, then two days no usage, battery flat again. Another call out, they...
  3. Faults and Fixes
    Hi. I have a 64 plate 208 GT Line 120bhp diesel frequently used for commuting to work using the motorway I'm having a reccuring issue where when the car is travelling consistently at higher speeds 60mph+ for around 15/20 mins or more it can start to judder. It starts subtly, but gets more...
1-3 of 3 Results