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  1. 1.2 2014 208

    Hi. Got a car in on 51k clutch feels really soft. Very low bite. Selects all gears fine, but there's a crunch when selecting Reverse, normally only for the first time then it goes away, seems to be worse when cold as well. Was doing it frequently then it's stopped. Left it over night come in...
  2. Possible AC fault? Help

    Faults and Fixes
    Hi I have a Peugeot 208 1.2 puretech 2015. Check engine light comes on only when AC is on, then it will disappear and then it will come back so on so on... Until I turn the AC off and it will not come back at all. While check engine light comes on the fan will ramp all the way to full speed...
  3. 1.2 puretech- setting off no gas - can you increase the idel

    Engine & Drivetrain
    i know some car when you release the clutch with no gas it increases its revs to ensure it doesn’t struggle setting off. has any wondered if you can change this for a 208?